Privacy Policy

  • (i) The Stop Climate Change Party collects the information requested on Elections Canada’s General Form – Political Party (EC 20360). This information includes party members’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.  In addition we add an email address to this form when feasible.  We collect no other information.
  • (ii) All of the information collected on form EC 20360 (01/2018) is kept in a locked filing cabinet located in the home of E. Ken Ranney, 434 Hillcrest Avenue, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 6H6, (705) 743 2939, <>, the leader of the party, who has one of the two keys in his possession.  Graeme Marrs, 643 Stormont Street, Peterborough ON, K9H 6A7,<>, an officer of the party, has the other key.  Email addresses are also stored in the computers of the party secretary and leader. 
  • (iii) The party uses email addresses to invite members to meetings.  No personal information under our control will be sold.  For the foreseeable future, membership lists will not be used for political activities such as fundraising, volunteer drives and canvassing.  Voter profiles will not be developed.  Party databases will be shared only with the provincial Stop Climate Change Party.
  • (iv) Party employees and volunteers will receive training on the types of personal information that is collected by the party, the means through which it does so, (Elections Canada’s General Form – Political Party), as well as the acceptable use of the information, which cannot be used for any unauthorized purpose
  • (v) The website collect session (temporary) and persistent (stored) cookies but the party will not use these cookies, and has no plans to collect personal information other than the preceding. Website cookies are used for statistical purposes.
  • (vi) The name and contact information of the person to whom concerns regarding the party’s policy for the protection of personal information can be addressed is E. Ken Ranney, 434 Hillcrest Avenue, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 6H6, (705) 743 2939, <>.