Towards an International Wild-Fire-Fighting Force

Posted on Sep 30, 2020

Using the armies of the world

Having reached the degree of global warming through production of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions that we have, wild fires are becoming greater, both in intensity and number, hence in production of CO2. There is danger that wild fires will eventually produce CO2 sufficient to keep the global temperature increasing even when we stop burning fossil fuels. That would mean that nothing can be done to stop global warming and the world is doomed. How soon this will come is not known. We should be doing the best we can to control forest fires before we reach the point of no return.

I suggest that we should make use of the armies of the world for this purpose.  When few if any countries need their armies, it seems reasonable to ask whether each would contribute 25% to 50% of their soldiers to a world-wide fire-fighting force designed to save the planet. I have estimated that, excluding China and the US, there are approximately 30,533,900 military and paramilitary personnel in the world.* Many details would have to be worked out, such as how groups from each nation would be interspersed. This would be necessary in order to avoid the appearance of invasion. And of course the force would have equipment which would be designed for forest-fire-fighting, not war.

Decisions would have to be made as to the locations and attributions of fire-fighting forces. Equipment, specially designed for forest fires, would have to be created. China might be happy to manufacture the necessary fire-fighting equipment. This could help places like Greece (not to mention California).  According to Naomi Klein’s THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING, p. 108, “. . . in Greece, fire departments can’t afford spare tires for trucks driving into forest blazes”.

This is a huge task. We should get on with it as soon as possible.